Why is blogging useful for programmers?

Writing is one of the many ways to make a legacy in life, whether it be through books, scientific publications, online articles, or even writing on social media. If a programmer writes about backend technology, then he/she has made a legacy in backend development. In this digital age, blogs are the best platform. Everyone can write on a blog, because of its simplicity.

As programmers, we learn a lot of technology, and sometimes we forget what we used to be good at. Imagine if you forgot about xxx technology, and you googled with the keyword “xxx tutorial”. Then what appears at the top of the Google page is an article from your blog that you wrote several years ago. Indirectly, your writing has saved you, right?

Blogging makes our technical skills develop

Blogging often forces us to do a lot of experiments. If in real projects we often manipulate arrays using only a few built-in methods, on this blog we try to manipulate arrays in depth with various conditions. Because we know that blogs have a wider audience than our real projects. The audience or readers will see the code we write and how deep our abilities are. Our writing must be something that can be accounted for.

Are you bored with “that’s all” tutorials? Write something fresh!

Have you ever been stuck while developing a website application using rails or golang, but when you googled the result was only “PHP tutorial” or “web development using PHP”? No, I’m not saying that PHP is bad. It’s just that we have to agree that there are too many tutorials on PHP. Not even a few campuses still teach PHP for web development courses. So, if we’re making a project with anti-mainstream technology, then this is your chance to make a tutorial about it.

There will always be someone out there who is just learning programming

We don’t have to start writing with something new or hype. We can start with something basic, like variables, functions, looping and — something I call — cool stuff (back to basic is cool stuff). Because believe me, there will always be new people who are just learning programming, and they need something basic.

Branding for programmers

As I said before, the content of our blog can represent our skills or knowledge. In fact, writing is the result of thinking that we have conceptualized. Our blog can provide opportunities for others to learn. Through writing, programmers can get new opportunities such as being a speaker at a tech conference, or being a trainer in several workshops, or even collaborating with other programmers. Cool, isn’t it!


Just do blogging, programmers.