After a long time not blogging anymore, now I want to write something again on this blog. There is something interesting, friends, today, November 15, 2015. It coincided with the #PahlawanMuda Apps Challenge event at Telkom Ketintang which was held by KPU Surabaya to welcome the mayoral election of Surabaya. A little information, friends, about the #PahlawanMuda Apps Challenge, an application competition event that is related to the Surabaya City election which will be held on December 9, 2015. There are five categories in which to compete. My team joins the disability category. We raised the theme of the application to help people with visual impairments to get objective information about prospective pairs.

The application we made is quite simple, using Text Recognition technology with the SDK from Vuforia. We named it TRC, or Text Recognition for Candidate. For more details, I will write in this blog about the TRC Application.

TRC app splash screen

After a week of waiting for news, the day has finally arrived. Judging day for all the top five from each category (Actually barely made it through). It’s amazing to be able to gather with fellow developers and meet competent judges in their fields. What’s even cooler is that for the disability category, visually impaired users can immediately try out the applications that we make.

my team
My team

The presentation session is divided into two sessions. In the first session, presentations were made at each participant’s booth. So the judges themselves will come to the participants to listen to the presentation as well as try out the application. After the first session, the teams that qualify for the big 9 will be announced. In the big 9 round, a second presentation session will be held. Participants are required to present in front of all judges and participants present. Very cool application made by other friends.

Even though my team didn’t win, the good news is that one of my friends won the Game and Monitoring category.

The trophy