Our challenge now is something that is invisible, namely the Covid-19 virus. Although it is not visible, it also causes an invisible effect, namely fear.

Fear is an instinctive thing that has existed since we were created. We have two actions, to fight or to flight.

Fear is also often used as an excuse not to do something. For example, “Oh, don’t go through that alley, okay? It’s quiet, dark, afraid of something happening” or “Don’t play with stocks. You’ll lose hundreds of millions, you know, like Mr. X”.

In these times, which one to choose? Fight? or Flights?

For me, both.

We can fight by:

  1. Regular exercise, regardless of the length, which is the important is consistent.
  2. Eat regularly and nutritiously.
  3. Learn new things. The source can be from anywhere, but minimize it to face-to-face. There are also paid or free ones. It can be from Youtube, Udemy, even Tiktok. Yup, Tiktok can contain something beneficial too. Did you know that Gary Vee is very active on Tiktok?
  4. Get enough sleep.
  5. If we can afford it, stay at home! As much as possible do anything from home. If we are forced to leave the house, immediately take a shower and change clothes when we get home.
  6. 5M discipline (Memakai masker, Mencuci tangan, Menjaga jarak, Menjauhi kerumunan, dan Mengurangi mobilitas).
  7. If our workplace provides privilege for WFH, make the best of it.
  8. And always pray to God, please protect us all.

Regarding flight, there are several situations that make us fly, especially if the situation is no longer under our control. We do not need to drag on in flight situations. Take a look, what is in our control that we can do from ourselves and our immediate environment.

It may not be easy, but let’s try.