Health problems can also be handled with technology. With Eye Care – an expert system, users get advice on the health problems they are experiencing. Expert systems can also help doctors to make decisions that will be given to their patients.

The expert system that I have created is an expert system for people with eye diseases. The system works is that the patient will be given several questions about the symptoms that the patient feels in his eyes. From the patient’s answers, the system will provide an indication of the disease as well as suggestions to minimize these symptoms so that they do not get worse in the future.

In addition, this application can also provide information about eye diseases. So that in addition to getting advice from this application, users also get information related to eye diseases.

This expert system was created using the Java programming language using Netbeans 7.4 and using a SQL database. In addition, this application includes the final project of the 3rd semester Object-Based Programming course which is taught to Informatics Engineering students at the State Electronics Polytechnic of Surabaya. In the future, hopefully this application can be developed to be more perfect and accurate and can help doctors in making decisions about eye diseases.

Here are screenshots of the application.

screenshot-1 screenshot-2

If you want to download a project from this application, please download it here. Hope it is useful.