“Wow, a lot of people are starting to plant this. Let’s follow the trend!”

Growing kale using the Wick method
Growing kale using the Wick method

Suddenly three weeks later, three boxes of kale plants have grown hydroponically with a wick system. Then the plant died because the owner left the village and did not continue.

“Yesterday, my office mate made a challenge to run a few kilos in a month. Tomorrow afternoon I’ll run right away.”

One week later at the office there was a meeting that dragged on, so that it was late at night and the mood for running was ruined. The next day, when I was in the mood, suddenly it started raining. Every day there is always a reason to procrastinate.

It’s too easy to start something. Too few have the consistency to finish.

So that I don’t get disappointed, failed, or embarrassed myself too often, I started self-reflection and understanding. Starting to realize that in some ways, I need to make a “whip” for myself.

There are at least two cases that can serve as examples.

First: Start diligently writing on Medium

Actually, at the beginning of 2020, I have set a target to write one article a week, of which there will be at least 48 posts in 2020.

My intention to write is actually just to express what is on my mind, as well as a means for me to learn new programming technologies. And a few weeks ago I stopped writing for a long time, maybe about 3 months.

Then there was one incident that made my passion for writing appear again.


The message goes to my LinkedIn account. Little things like this can make a “whip” for me to start writing again. Who would have thought that my writing would find its audience.

I also shared a post on the tweet platform with the hashtag #xof48. Through that hashtag, I immediately committed to make 48 posts in a year. Although I don’t know at the end of the year how many writings I’ll be able to produce, at least I’ve set a target that can be achieved.

Second: Running

Since last month my office mate initiated to hold a running challenge. We are free to set any target in a month, as long as the target is achieved. Some friends have set 10, 15, 20, 25, up to 100 km.

Me? Of course set the lowest target, 10 km in a month. For me, being willing to put on my shoes and leave the house is an achievement. Moreover, it wants to run up to 10 km a month.

Because my target is 10 km, and my time is 31 days. So I use a simple strategy that doesn’t burden me. I aim to run four times a month, at any time, with a mileage formula of 1–2–3–4 (first run 1 km, second run 2 km, etc.). Alhamdulillah last month I reached the target of 10 km.

The result
The result

This month my friend made another challenge. I added my running target as far as 15 km. But I plan to run beyond that. The cool term is: under promise, over deliver.

I plan to run once every two days, with a minimum distance of 3 km. Alhamdulillah, this month is still on target and I have run three times with a total distance of 12.45 km.

I can’t imagine, last month it took me a month to cover a distance of 10 km. This month it’s not even halfway, I’ve exceeded that. Hope this is a good start.

You can’t make a baby in one month, by getting nine women pregnant - Warren Buffett.

Most things in life need a process. Find our way to “whip” ourselves. Consistent for me, is one of the most overlooked skills. If we can be consistent, I believe we have a treasure that many people don’t have.

Cheers to all of us who are still in the process. Enjoy it!