A couple of rules for reading:

  1. Do it all the time.
  2. Speed reading is a trap. It’s fake and it’s not real. You just have to spend a lot of time reading.
  3. Older books are almost always better. Classics are classic for a reason.
  4. Quit bad books. The great rule is 100 pages minus your age.
  5. You have to take notes. If you’re not taking notes or if you’re just trying to get through the book as fast as possible, you’re doing it wrong.
  6. Try to find one book in every book that you read to read next.
  7. Find something that you’re going to apply and you’re going to actually use. Ask yourself, “how am I going to use this information in my actual life?”. The point of books is not to look smarter, but to become better.
  8. If it’s a good book, recommend and pass it along to other people.

That’s all. Thank you for reading.

This article is part of the 30 Day Writing Challenge. I’ll challenge myself to write whatever comes to mind.