When we were kids, we had some kind of hairdo catalog, but it was a profession. Starting from doctors, pilots, astronauts, ministers, to the president. Astronaut is the profession I chose as a kid. The reason is simple because I want to see outer space and the stars.

Then when I moved to junior-high school, the desire to become an astronaut was changed by a doctor. In my thought, a doctor is a very noble job because it can heal the sick. In addition, I was influenced by several families who work in the health sector.

When I entered senior-high school, my parents bought me a Playstation 2. I always played it every day, morning until night. There was a time when I was playing GTA San Andreas and I thought “It’s really cool that people made a game as complex as this, but very fun to play”. From there I had the passion to become a game developer. I looked it up and came across the term “programmer”. Since then I have wanted to become a programmer in order to develop a game.

When I entered college, I focused on learning to develop games. I joined the game development community on campus. I entered various game development competitions. I took the topic of game development for my final project. Until I finally graduated from college.

My final project

My final project

Me and my final project

Unfortunately, my first job didn’t take me into the game development industry but instead became a regular IT staff. From that job I got the task of developing a website, so I needed to relearn some of the web technologies that I had learned in college. And after living it a few months, turns out I enjoy it.

As of this writing, I still enjoy my profession as a web developer.

As I got older, I realized that my passions from childhood until now are always changing. It doesn’t mean that I have failed to find my passion many times. But I have succeeded to explore my passion many times.

Finding your passion is a never-ending journey. Currently, I work as a web developer in an e-commerce company, but maybe in the next few years, I will find another profession that I love. The key is to stay open.

All this time we think that the career path is going up, what if the career path is shifted to the side?

This article is part of the 30 Day Writing Challenge. I’ll challenge myself to write whatever comes to mind.