The site you are currently visiting is not the first site that I have developed. I’ve developed this site three times with three different tech stacks.

Nuxt + Tailwind

This website was first developed using Nuxt with Tailwind. Actually, at that time I developed this website because it coincided with the #hacktoberfest2020.

The reason I use Nuxt and Tailwind is as simple as I want to learn. Actually, I thought about using Next or React, but I don’t have the desire or need to learn React yet.

For deployment I use Netlify. If you want to access this version, you can go to

Fruition + Notion + Cloudflare

I developed this version of the website because accidentally someone on Twitter shared their experience developing a personal website using Notion. After reading the tweet, I was tempted to try.

After I finished developing it, it turned out to be quite satisfactory. The most helpful thing is that I can simply add a new page in Notion when I want to add a new route. The designs provided can also follow the templates provided by Notion.

The downside is SEO. Google can’t crawl the content on my website, so it can’t be indexed by the Google search engine.


After I was looking for a good framework to easily create a website, then I was met by Hugo. Hugo was developed on top of the Go language. For writing content, use markdown.

I’ve been using it for a month. So far no complaints.

Thanks for reading.

This article is part of the 30 Day Writing Challenge. I’ll challenge myself to write whatever comes to mind.